Tuesday, June 7, 2022

A Year of Food Pictures


Beans and rice.  Cajun martini.

A nice omelette.

Fried pork chop.  Macaroni with gruyere and prosciutto.

Shrimp in butter and garlic.

Leg of lamb.  Potatoes dauphinoise.

"Scallops In a Skillet"

Blue plate special - roast chicken, mashed potatoes.

Soy-Garlic Broiled Snapper.  Potatoes with walnuts and croutons.

Corned beef.  Soda bread.

Bangers and mash.

Beans and rice, crawfish boil, shrimp remoulade, cornbread.

Pan fried trout.

Meatballs in red-wine gravy.

Creamy tomato shrimp.

Fried rice.

Scallops in bacon-dill sauce.

Weiner schnitzel.  Potato salad.

Blue plate special - meat loaf.

Hoppin' John.

Game hens.

Baked clams.

Lemon-mushroom chicken.

Iceberg lettuce salad.

Game hen on wild rice.

Beef bourguignon.  Brussles sprouts with bacon.

Sheet pan pork loin.

Tuna steak on horseradish sauce.  Carrot salad.

Grilled swordfish.

Beef and broccoli stir fry.

Roast beef.


Bacon wrapped drumsticks.

Shrimp Creole.

Fried green tomatoes remoulade.


Crabmeat croquettes on tomato relish.

Veal chop in cognac and mushroom sauce.

Halibut on fresh polenta with pepper oil.

Tuna tartare.

Poached cod with black butter and capers.


Albondigas in spicy serrano tomato sauce.

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