Digital Cinema Production

I specialize in small budget productions for industrial, marketing, and documentary films. 

Services include:

Scriptwriting and Pre-Production. 

Directing and Cinematography.

Editing, Sound Mixing, Color Correction, and Animated Effects.

Sample work:

A Diary Film.  Documentary. HD Video (Camera, Editor), 5 min., 2023

Marketing Film for Broadwind Energy, a wind turbine and industrial gear
company.  HD Video (Camera, Editor, Effects), 3 min., 2013

The Celiac Project, Documentary, HDSLR (Co-Producer, Camera), 50 min., 2015


Marketing Film for Knowles microphones,  HD Video (Camera, Editor, Effects), 1 minute, 2014

Eddie Betke U.S. Army Air Force, Documentary, 2 minutes, HDSLR (Writer, Director, Editor) 2014

EISMA (Evanston In-School Music Association) 2014, promotional video, HDSLR (Camera), 4 min., 2014

 Letter C, Children’s Educational, HDSLR (Writer, Director, Camera, Editor), 2 min., 2011

Brooklyn Side, Narrative, 16 mm (Writer, Director), 12 min., 2000
Contact me at or call 773.255.2692 for more information or to request a quote for services.

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