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6600 N. Lehigh Ave.                           773.255.2692 (mobile and business)
Chicago, IL 60646                              773.774.1885 (home)


Master of Fine Arts in Film and Video, Columbia College Chicago, 2001

Bachelor of Arts in History, University of Chicago, 1991  


Adjunct Instructor, Columbia College Chicago, Film & Video Department,  
2007 - Present

Instruct students in HD video production, 16mm film production, screenwriting, 
editing, and advanced post-production.

Freelance Filmmaker, 2001 - Present
          Write, direct, shoot and edit short films.  

Seminar Leader, E.J. Malek Instructional Services, 2002 - 2005

Seminar leader for automotive industry, leading courses coordinating management
and labor.

Lecturer, Northwestern University, Radio/TV/Film, 2003 - 2007

Instructed undergraduate and graduate students in editing, documentary 
and narrative video production, and directing; served as chair of 
Production Committee overseeing yearly film equipment budget.
           Served as curriculum coordinator, lecturer, special events coordinator, and film
instructor for summer program of 70 high school students.
Wrote and directed video shorts for use in class exercises.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Northwestern University, Radio/TV/Film, 2001 - 2002

Informational Technology Specialist, Northwestern University Advanced Media Production 
          Services, 1999 - 2001

Shot and edited video projects for faculty and staff at Northwestern University.  
Produced and directed streaming, multi-camera live events.

Coordinator, Post-Production Lab, Columbia College Chicago, 1997-1999

Managed staff and maintained equipment for editing students.  

Adjunct Instructor, Columbia College Chicago, Film & Video Department,  
          1995 - 1999
          Instructed students in editing and animation.


HD and 4K Videographer; Digital Editor on multiple platforms including Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer; Compositing and Visual Effects using Autodesk Smoke and 
Adobe After Effects; sound mixing with Adobe Audition.  Experienced with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Flash. 


Screenflex, Web Commercial, HD Video, 8 minutes, October 2015
The Celiac Project , Documentary , HDSLR , ( Co-Producer, Camera), 50 minutes, May 2015

Stacey Pfingsten for 2nd Ward Alderman, Political Ad, HDSLR, (Camera, Editor), 3 minutes, 2015

A Trip to the Park, Children’s Educational, HDSLR, (Writer, Director, Camera, Music), 2 minutes, 2014 

Eddie Betke, U.S. Army Air Force Documentary, 2 minutes, HDSLR (Writer, Director, Editor) 2014

EISMA (Evanston In-School Music Association) 2014,
promotional video, HDSLR (Camera), 4 minutes, 2014

Marketing and Advertising web-shorts for health-care clients of JRK Strategies,
HDSLR and HD Video (Camera, Editor), 2-3 minutes, 2014

Marketing Film for Knowles microphones, 
HD Video (Camera, Editor, Effects), 1
minute, 2014

Backyard Sledding Children’s Educational, HDSLR, (Writer, Director, Camera,
Editor, Music), 1 min., 2013

A Winter Walk through the Forest Preserve
Children’s Educational, HDSLR,
(Writer, Director, Camera, Editor, Music), 1 min., 2013

Marketing Films for Broadwind Energy, a wind turbine and industrial gear
 HD Video, (Camera, Editor, Effects), 3-5 min., 2013

Insight for Eating,
interviews for eating disorders website, HDSLR, (Director,
Camera, Editor, Effects), 3-5 min., 2012

Industrial Films for Hydro Inc., an industrial pump company.  Training and human
resource videos for the web,  HDSLR, (Director, Camera, Editor), 3-5 min., 2012

Friends, Children’s Educational, HDSLR, (Writer, Director, Camera, Editor), 2 min., 2012

An Exceptional Life, Documentary, HDSLR, (Camera, Editor, Sound), 7 min., 2012

Easy Street, Experimental Narrative, HDSLR, (Writer, Director, Camera, Editor), 2 min., 2012

Letter C, Children’s Educational, HDSLR, (Writer, Director, Camera, Editor), 2 min., 2011

Vote Machine, Political Advertisment, HDSLR, (Writer, Director, Camera, Editor),
1 min., 2011

Breaking the News Web Sketches, HD Video, (Writer, Director, Camera, Editor),
2 min., 2010

Mr. Carpet, Web Commercial, HD Video, (Writer, Director, Camera, Editor), 2 min., 2009

The Audition, Narrative, HD video, (Writer, Director, Editor), 3 min., 2006

DaimlerChrysler-UAW Promotional Video, Industrial, Mixed Video, (Editor),
for EJ Malek, 5 min., 2005

Two Chicks, Narrative, video, (Writer, Director, Editor), 10 min., 2003

Dogwalker, Narrative, 16mm (Producer and Assistant Director), 10 min., 2003

Dramas of Haymarket, Historical Website, Documentary Interviews mixed video
(Camera, Editor), with Chicago Historical Society, 2000

Internet2Documentaries, Web Series on Assorted Academic Subjects,
Documentary Interviews (Director, Camera, Editor), with NUAMPS,
1999 - 2001

Brooklyn Side, Narrative, 16 mm, (Writer, Director) 12 min., 2000

Grant-Thorton, Industrial, Video, (Writer, Director, Editor), 5 min., 1998

The Gorilla and the Piker, Documentary, Video, (Sound Recorder, On-Line
Editor), 10 min., 1998