Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Three Stars from Raymond Chandler Films

Lauren Bacall "The Big Sleep" 1946.
I think I finally got Lauren Bacall in this drawing.  This is from early in the film, when she's sizing up Bogart's Phillip Marlowe.  She's got her own agenda that she's hiding from him, but she sees he might be able to help her.  I love her in this film.

Dick Powell "Murder, My Sweet" 1944
Powell's take on Marlowe is a little different than Bogart's.  He always seems a little bit more at the end of his rope, and he wears his bitterness on his sleeve.  He also gets beat up worse than Bogart, which I think is essential in films noir! 
Claire Trevor "Murder, My Sweet" 1944.
You couldn't cast a better Velma than Claire Trevor.  She's great at being a society lady with a secret past.