Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Claire Denis film opening in Chicago

French film director Claire Denis has a new film opening this weekend at the Music Box theater in Chicago.

35 Shots of Rum (in French, 35 rhums) is from 2008.

I'm a big fan of her 2002 film Friday Night (Vendredi soir).

Here is her biography on imdb:

And a description of the film 35 Shots of Rum from the Music Box website:

Friday, January 8, 2010

Complete List of Elvis Presley Roles

In 31 films he played a "singer" 9 times, a race car driver 3 times, and a "half-breed" indian twice. In more than a few films he played a returning soldier turned singer, gambler etc. This list starts with his last role and ends with his first, in chronological order.

traveling Chautauqua show manager
gun-fighting outlaw trying to go straight
fashion photographer
race car driver
"half-breed" indian trying to save reservation
oil fortune heir/water ski instructor
US Navy Frogman
band singer/race driver
helicopter pilot
riverboat gambler
action movie star
singing rodeo rider
rock and roll singer/chaperone
Grand Prix racer
army officer
deck hand/lifeguard
crop-duster pilot/poker player
fishing guide/sailor
clueless young man
"half breed" indian torn between two worlds
busboy/nightclub singer
delivery man/country western singer
Rebel singer

Compiled by Jason