Saturday, January 7, 2023

A new exercise . . .

I watch a lot of films.  I lose track of them.  I'm going to start keeping a running list.  Commentary here and there.  But I will give each film a star rating.  

Many of these I've seen before.  Many for the first time. 

Four stars - masterpiece.
Three stars - must see.
Two stars - worth seeing.
One star - has a redeeming facet.
Zero stars - no redeeming value.

Black Adam *  I wanted to like this more - but it labors too long with the "good guys fighting each other until they figure out the real enemy" story.  But this DC superhero fan liked seeing Hawkman, (Red) Tornado, the Atom, and Dr. Fate on the big screen as a re-imagined Justice League.

Strange World *  I was surprised by this disney film.  Give it a shot.  It starts out with a dull "I won't be like my father plot" but quickly turns into a story about environmentalism and how best to take care of our home.

Glass Onion **  A worthy whodunnit successor to the first in the series.  Great plotting, fun movie.

Enola Holmes **

Enola Holmes 2 **  Great feminist messages!  Funny and exciting.  A good series for kids and adults.  

The French Dispatch *** It's weird to say this Wes Anderson film is "under rated."  This was my second viewing, and it blows me away.

Fake Famous * An interesting participatory, performative documentary about how and why people want to be "influencers".  

Notorious (Hitchcock) ***  Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman.  I still love this film but as it ages I'm more appalled at the horrific way he treats her through much of the film.

Nope ** Maybe ***, still thinking about it.  Peele's films deny explanation.  They are gloriously beautiful and baffling and violent and scary and funny.

Nancy Drew Detective (1938) *

Nancy Drew Reporter (1939) * Fun old mysteries that hold up pretty well (except for a dated, racist portrayal of a farm hand in the second film.)  Interesting comparing these with the Enola Holmes films.

Bad Day at Black Rock ***  Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan.  A timely film.  What happens when bullies take over.

Pygmalion (1938) ** Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller are hilarious and sweet and sincere in this 1938 version of George Bernard Shaw's play, later made most famous as My Fair Lady.  Wonderful performances.  

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