Sunday, April 7, 2013

Madonna and Tautou

Madonna, "Desperately Seeking Susan," 1985.
"Desperately Seeking Susan" was part of a "double feature" the other night with "Valley Girl."  Both early 80s films deal with the intersection of the edgy with the mundane, but in different ways.  Punk Nicolas Cage wants to win over suburbanite Deborah Foreman in "Valley Girl."  Conversely suburban Rosanna Arquette wants to meet (and then "become") Madonna's rebellious, counter culture Susan.  Neither a great film, but both interesting; "Valley Girl" has the better soundtrack!

Audrey Tautou, "Amélie," 2001.
"Amélie" is one if those films I can watch, beginning to end, whenever I happen upon it.  It celebrates life and has more wonderful moments than a dozen other films combined.  When I first saw it I was overwhelmed by the little things; breaking the creme brûlée, the "glass man" painting and repainting the Renoir, Amélie returning the children's toys to the middle aged man, and skipping stones . . . now having visited Paris I look for landmarks at different train stations and monuments that seem familiar.  And I'm still learning the different Yann Tiersen accordion melodies.

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