Friday, September 21, 2012

More Movie Star Sketches

Judy Garland, "The Pirate," 1948.
Gene Kelly, "An American in Paris," 1951.
Lauren Bacall, "Dark Passage," 1947.

Ingrid Bergman, "Casablanca," 1942.

Humphrey Bogart, "The Big Sleep," 1946.

Claudette Colbert, "The Palm Beach Story," 1942.

Bette Davis, "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex," 1939.

Greta Garbo, "Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise)" 1931.

Ava Gardner, "The Bribe," 1949.

Peter Lorre, "The Beast with Five Fingers," 1946.

Christopher Reeve, "Superman," 1978.

Lupe Velez "The Half-Naked Truth" 1932.
Irene Dunne, "Together Again," 1944.

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